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Commercial Property

We can give you expert advice if you're dealing with Commercial Property.

We undertake the following Commercial Survey

  • Acquisition Surveys
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Pre-Purchase Survey
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Building Condition Surveys
  • Stock Condition Surveys
  • Planned Maintenance Programmes
  • Defect Reports
  • Risk Assessment
  • Access Audits
  • Repair and Maintenance Advice
  • Property Re-development and Refurbishment

A Lease will include clauses that cover the condition of a property at the Beginning and the End of a Tenancy.

We can help you to understand your responsibilities, negotiate with the landlord and highlight any potential problems or costs Before you Sign.

We can draw up a Schedule of Conditions to make sure both you and your landlord have Proof of the Building's Condition before you move in.

And should a landlord claim At the End of a Tenancy that the property has not been left as it was found, we can help to Resolve any Dispute by assessing any claim for Dilapidation's.

Acquisition Survey: If your are thinking of leasing a property it could save you time and money to have us survey the building before you sign the lease.  We will discuss your intended use of the property and provide guidance on the general condition and specific issues regarding your business. We provide honest professional advice on all property acquisitions.

Building Condition Surveys; identify the present defects to the property and the anticipated future repairs to the property. This allows the tenant to rectify present defects and plan for the future repairs works in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Pre-Purchase Survey: Is undertaken to evaluate the condition of the property prior to entering purchasing or leasing of the property - this type of survey provides a level of confidence to proceed with the purchase or lease of the property and all the expenses involved.

  • Savings of Expense and Time - if property is unsuitable
  • Survey will Identify Problem Issues
  • Survey can include Condition and Life typical expectancy of Fittings Finishes and Services
  • Survey will advise as to other Specialist Inspection Services

 We can co-ordinate other Specialist Investigation activities as part of our brief - typically

  • Gas and Electrical testing and Certification
  • Below ground CCTV inspection
  • Concrete frame Assessment

Stock Condition Surveys; are undertaken to provide detailed information that generates Planned Maintenance Programmes for future repairs and the associated Budgetary Maintenance Expenditure Profiles of the property, typically up to 30 years. This is a dual purpose activity that in most cases applies to a Property Portfolio where budgetary control is often critical.

Defect Inspection and Reports; applied to Commercial Property, usually relate to specific building defects and the reports are used to progressing a claim under a lease against a Landlord or Contractor.

Risk Assessments & Access Audits: lease refer to our Heath & Safety Page.

Stock Condition Surveys

Jarvis Blake and Glenwright provide Consultancy Services in the management of Stock Condition Surveys .

Stock Condition Survey methodology can be applied to the following:

  • Social Housing Stock
  • Private Landlord Housing Stock
  • Portfolio Properties
  • Public Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

We at Jarvis Blake and Glenwright are specialists in the the management and undertaking of large scale Stock Condition Surveys for both Public Sector and Private Clients. The output of which has successfully been used to model the financial profiles and develop Planned Works Strategies.

As a Landlord you may be frustrated with reams of paperwork that you have paid for at great expense which you cannot use to prepare a programme of works or a cyclical maintenance project?

Unfortunately from our experience far to many Landlords echo this frustration from the data produced by their Stock Condition Surveys. Most Landlords complain of fundamental weaknesses in the processes of specifying the work, executing the survey and manipulating the resultant data.

At Jarvis Blake and Glenwright we believe the answers to the problem lies in understanding SCS survey methodology and data collection issues and how this is applied to survey specifications providing useful survey output information to our Clients.

Our Surveys Access:

  • The current condition of the stock
  • The Future Failure and Maintenance Liability for a period of 30 years
  • Improvements needed to the stock

The data collected can be used for various programs such as:-

  • Back Log/Catch Up Works
  • Future Major Repairs/Future Failure Works
  • Exceptional Extensive Works or Contingent Major Repairs
  • Estate Works
  • Response Repairs/ Void Works/ Cyclical Maintenance Planning
We use both proforma and electronic data collection methods and hold an Enterprise License for Handheld Systems Survey Software and database facilities, from which we provide integrated solutions for our clients.

We have used the information gathered from the Stock Condition Survey to assess how many of our clients’ homes fail the Decent Homes Standard, and we can determine the areas of failure and what methods are best employed to improve the stock to bring them up to the required Standard by 2010.

We can give you expert advice if you're dealing with Commercial Property - Call us on 0844 251 2700 for more information or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it